China to Bahrain  

Bulk-cargo door to door ​

LCL loading ​

FCL export agent

Customs Clearance ​

Own bonded area warehouse

House bill of lading ​

Customs declaration

Warehousing ​

17000SQM warehouse in Hidd area ​

4000SQM warehouse in Dragon mall ​

800SQM bonded warehouse in Bahrain ​

Warehouse of Dragon Mall

On January 1st, 2021, we began to operate the warehouse of Bahrain Dragon City Mall, and began to completely transform it in March of the same year. The new Dragon warehouse has more than 400 separate small warehouses. All warehouse units adopt access control systems and electronic locks, and have a 360 degree dead angle free monitoring system and integrated management system. At the same time, the previous method of picking up goods by forklift has been completely abandoned, and 7 hydraulic cargo elevators have been installed, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and safety level of the entire transfer warehouse.

China Overseas Warehouse

Since 2014, we began to prepare the logistics and storage facilities for Bahrain Dragon City Mall. We officially began to operate a 17000 square meter large comprehensive warehouse in Hidd area since 2015. According to the operating characteristics of Dragon mall, we have prepared warehouses of various areas, such as whole lease and scattered lease, to meet the needs of customers.

Why Choose Us?

Only operate the logistics line in China, Bahrain and Saudi, only describes the two target markets of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, takes the precision route, and provides accurate and professional services for customers in these two markets.

Bulk-cargo door to door

Through our warehouses in Yiwu or Guangzhou, the shipper can apply for customs clearance in a unified and centralized manner by our company, or choose the traditional LCL method to use the shipper's own header for customs clearance. ​

Own Bonded Warehouse

Our employees participate in the customs clearance process and supervise the unloading of containers and the cargo sorting.

Non Vessel Carrier

As a non vessel carrier, we hav the agency qualification of China Air Transport Association, can issue HBL, has the shipping agency qualification and customs clearance qualification in Bahrain.

Terminal Distribution ​

We have own fleet, and hav various levels of warehouse distribution centers including customs bonded warehouse, hidd warehouse and Dragon mall warehouse, which can help customers realize flexible terminal distribution services.

There are our warehouses ​

We have the following warehouses, you are always welcome to visit guidance.

Yiwu Warehouse ​

Fonmau Warehouse, No. 172, Haopai Road, Suxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China

GuangZhou Warehouse ​

Fonmau Warehouse, No.5, Xialiang South Wangtian Road, Longgui Sub-district, Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City

Warehouse of Dragon city mall ​

The warehouse, Dragon city mall

Building 4441, Road 6347;

Block 263, Diyar Al Muharraq, Bahrain

China Overseas Warehouse

China overseas warehouse

Flat 0, Building 2186, Road 1529

Bahrain investment wharf, Hidd